About us

Less talk. More action.

More bang for your buck

The ever increasing challenges of the digital age are forcing you to make the most of your available resources, be it time, people or budget. We have processes in place that combine the expertise of your people and our team without wasting everyone’s time.

Different for a reason

The way we roll is radically different from how traditional agencies work. We focus on delivering value in record time. No fancy buzzwords, no broken promises, no more endless meetings and discussions. You can expect a hands-on approach that delivers in weeks instead of months, based on the new and refreshing sprint process.

Small teams solving big challenges

By working in small teams with very specific skills, we are dedicated to solving big problems without wasting time and money. Our combined skills coupled with our unique ways of working makes us the perfect fit if you are looking for a no-nonsense result driven approach. You will work with diverse, experienced and talented people. Not departments.

Zero clients

If you decide to work with us, you don’t become a client, you become a partner. Think of us as architects that are on your team and on your side. Our company’s culture is focused on digging deep into the core values of your business and helping you achieve your goals. We don’t sell products, we sell services and make sure our partners invest in the right product. Transparency and trustworthiness are essential parts of our DNA.

Yes, we are real.

It’s not who we are underneath but what we do that defines us. 🦇

Avatar: Peter

Peter van Laer

Founder & Digital strategist

Wine & beer loving foodie. Enjoys nature on his mountainbike. Fascinated by technology that makes the world a better place. Good things are even better when shared with friends and family.

Avatar: Mateusz

Mateusz Wierzbicki

Product Designer & Creative Director

Lorem ipsum dolor passionate designer from Białystok, Poland. Enjoys reading books about design and personal growth. Plays video games and still waits for Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Avatar: Ben

Ben Jaspaert

Sprint Facilitator & UX Writer

Has traveled the world, lived in Africa and surfs whenever he can. Loves writing stories and has a wife that saved his life. Enthusiasm-mode set at 100%, knows no other way.