Product Design Sprint

The Product Design Sprint is a 4-day process to answer critical business questions before investing boatloads of money into building a product. It compresses months of work into a single week.

What problems does it solve?

Traditionally, the product development for large digital products often suffers from the following problems:

  • Focus and enthusiasm is lost in endless meetings and discussions
  • Products are built on assumptions instead of user tested concepts.
  • Lack of alignment between cross functional teams towards shared objectives.
  • Project scope changes repeatedly due to the absence of a clear goal.
Design sprint

How does the sprint solve this?

It’s like magic: The sprint allows us to look into the future and see the finished product and customer reactions before building and launching it.

Sprint icon day 1 facilitation

Monday & Tuesday “Workshop”

This is where we need you to sprint with us. On monday, we will define the challenges and produce a mass of possible solutions. Tuesday will be all about prioritizing solutions and creating a storyboard to prototype. This is the most exciting and intense fun you’ll ever have while working, promise!

Sprint icon - prototyping


This is where the absolute madness starts. Our prototypers will go underground, bring out their mojo and some frozen pizza. By the end of the day they will have an interactive prototype, ready to be tested.

Sprint icon - user testing


Today we will test the prototype with real users to find out if the product is worth developing. This is where the rubber hits the road.

What’s in it for you?

In four days you’ll have an interactive prototype that is tested with real users. You’ll find out if your idea is worth developing and if your value proposition is really valid.

  • Enthusiasm and alignment of your team towards a shared goal.
  • Validated solution in a week.
  • Reduced risk when bringing products to market.
  • Less talk. More action. No more endless meetings and discussions.
Photo of design sprint in progress

What happens after a sprint?

We can iterate and polish your idea and bring it closer to a production ready product. We can help you bring it to market.

  • Follow-up sprint to validate other parts of the product that surfaced in the first sprint but were not addressed in the prototype.
  • Rapid prototyping for the remaining parts of the products that don’t require a full sprint.
  • Art direction - making sure nobody cuts any corners.
  • Transforming the prototype into a live product.
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Why sprint with Concuria?

Less talk. More action.

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Trained by the inventors of the sprint process.

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No more bamboozling by sales reps, we’re on your side.

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Unique set of skills & tools to facilitate a successful sprint.

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Highly experienced team that can think out of the box.

Don’t just take our word for it.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Instead of telling, we prefer showing.
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