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“Catalyze trade with technology” is the core of how we approach e-commerce. "Sylius is an open source framework at the heart of this strategy. This phenomenal technology allows us to build tailored solutions for ambitious e-commerce strategies.

Technology that grows with your business

Sylius has a modular architecture and unrivaled flexibility that continuously adapts to your workflow. It’s got your back with features and capabilities required to meet current and future customer needs. By 2020, global e-commerce is predicted to grow into a 4 trillion dollar market. Claim your piece of the pie using Sylius and be ready for whatever the future holds.

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Sylius integrates with your infrastructure

The era of legacy monolith all-in-one applications is over. Finally! Sylius is designed to integrate with external systems like ERP, PIM, CRM and so on, to provide the best e-commerce experience possible. Don’t let legacy systems hold you back. Meet increasingly high customer expectations and demands using Sylius and best-in-class third party tools.

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Omnichannel done right

Sylius is constructed as an API first solution. This is a fancy way of saying it is built from the ground up to enable e-commerce across any conceivable touchpoint like online shops, mobile apps, smart voice assistants and so on. It will help you retain customers across channels and cater to their needs with the convenience they expect.


No more update-madness

Before Sylius, once you extended an open source e-commerce project with unique custom features, there were no guarantees that after an update was applied, your unique features would still be compatible and working. This is huge business risk as there is no way to know for sure if your live shop contains any critical bugs. Over time, this technical debt would turn into a big mess and it would eventually bring the continuous development of your e-commerce project to a halt.

With Sylius, bugs are caught before they become customer facing problems. Sylius is putting an end to the update-madness once and for all. It uses PHP - the most popular programming language of the Web and Symfony - the best framework for it. It’s fully tested and testable using automated regression testing and behavior driven development. This is a crucial feature for the long term success of your technology investment. It enables you to build custom e-commerce features without giving up on any future developments of both your project and the Sylius platform.

Unique licensing

Technology ownership is an essential part of any ambitious e-commerce strategy. Sylius holds the MIT license. The license allows you to use the software however you want as long as you include the original copyright notice in the source code. This is a big thing because it doesn’t place restrictions on what you can do with Sylius and it doesn’t create a vendor lock-in.


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