Rapid Prototyping

Building a detailed plan on brand values and customer expectations that minimizes financial or business risk. Tangible ideas and tested concepts in record time.

Stop gambling

Why would you invest your valuable resources in untested concepts? Software engineers are too damn expensive for a trial-and-error strategy. Prototyping your concept and testing it with real users is the fastest way to find out if your idea is worth developing and if your value proposition is really valid, before investing boatloads of money.

What's the bigger picture?

The prototype is an important part of a broader strategy in order to create a successful product. Before we start creating your prototype, we can help you map out a strategy using our branding & marketing services.

Brand design sprint in progress

Combine with a design sprint

If you have a fairly good idea of what you want to test and how it should look, we can jump straight into prototyping. However, if you have a large and complex project that requires the input of multiple stakeholders, you are probably better off doing a design sprint first. The combination of sprints and rapid prototyping will enable you to make confident decision with minimal financial or business risk.

Design sprint illustration

Science driven design

Our UX & UI designers are constantly on the lookout for new trends, proven techniques and well established patterns in user behavior. They combine your business goals and the user’s needs to create a structural design that is rooted in the science of the cognitive processes.

What does rapid prototyping look like?

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3. Testing

When conducting user tests, we’re looking for actionable feedback that clearly describes a problem and drives the next iteration.

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2. Prototyping

A rapid prototyping best practice is to design with low fidelity. Spending huge amounts of time refining small details is unnecessary, though it’s fine to increase fidelity as product confidence grows (via user-testing).

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1. Ideation

Turning ideas into tangible concepts. Fast as lightning. Best results when combined with a design sprint.

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